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Our Story

At 8 years old the Managing Member of Top Notch Signatures, Jason Bolton was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia where he was given a 5% chance to live. In the hospital, he had his ups and his downs but no matter what his Dad, Jeff made sure that his smile never left his face. Jeff made Jason's stay in the hospital feel like a party. Jason had a full-court nerf basketball court, a Wii, and an endless flow of friends and family coming to visit him. Everyone family member and friend that came to visit always asked what they could get Jason to boost his spirits.

This is where Jason's love for Autograph Collecting was born. As a little kid for Jason, there was nothing better than going to a baseball game with his dad and getting autographs of his favorite athletes. So to keep his spirits up people helped me add to my collection obtaining memorabilia from all over and gifting it to him for his collection. On the daily, he was lucky enough to receive autographs from athletes ranging from Tom Brady to Michael Jordan. This influx of autographs made him feel like the luckiest 8 years old alive while battling a disease that could possibly kill him every day. In the hospital, times are rough and there were not only ups and downs for Jason but for the family and other pediatric patients around him. To spread the love whenever Jason got multiples autographs or other pieces of sports memorabilia he would share with the other kids on the floor to help make their day.

Thankfully enough after 8 months straight without leaving one time Jason was put into remission. Getting back home Jason received a Make a Wish where he was able to get all his sports memorabilia framed and hung up in his room. 

When Jason was a freshman in high school his dad who was his role model in life had passed away. Jason's Dad Jeff has always been someone who always gave as much as he could to help others. Jason strives to be just like his father to help change lives in the community around him.

Jason is now in college at Florida State University and decided to start Top Notch Signatures. Jason started this company so he could combine his love for sports memorabilia with his love for helping others. Top Notch Signatures mission is for every autograph they sell they will donate an autograph to a child battling a disease in the hospital to give them the same feeling Jason was so lucky to feel in the hospital. 

Top Notch Signatures aims to show that an autograph is so much more than a signature but a platform to help others.