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Affiliate Program


What is the Top Notch Signatures Affiliate Program?

The Top Notch Signatures Affiliate Program invites anybody with a drive to make extra money to promote our site and products and earn commissions on sales they refer to Top Notch Signatures. You will receive %10 for every item that sells through your affiliate links?

How does the Top Notch Signatures Affiliate Program work?

Our affiliate program is run through a site called Mtracker. On this site, we have created links that you can sell through. All clicks and sales made will be tracked through Mtracker and payments made through Mtracker.


First Step is to go to the link below to sign up:

This is where you will fill out a small application for to become an affiliate.

Once your affiliate application has been submitted it will be approved, you will have access to our full inventory in which you can use to promote and sell Top Notch Signatures!

 Your admin link for your affiliate partnership where it tracks what items have sold through your link is below:

This is where you will sign in to track all sales and you will receive payments. If you ever have any questions contact

Why partner with Top Notch Signatures?

Top Notch Signatures is a fast growing business and a lot of fun to work with. Being an affiliate allows you to be your own person, and you get to decide how much time you want to put in and how much money you want to make. With a fast growing inventory which spans all major professional sports leagues including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, as well as NASCAR, MMA, Soccer, the Olympics and more. We will always be there if you need any help and want to make sure you love being a Top Notch Signatures Affiliate. 


How much money can I make as a Top Notch Signatures affiliate?

That is entirely up to you! We offer a huge assortment of all items from unique to common, but selling more expensive items like jerseys and full size helmets. Our commission rate is %10 on all items. Your ability to earn will be based on how much you can sell!


MESSAGE US AT if you have any questions.